Sunday, March 11, 2012

Root,bloody root !

And so,you bought a smartphone/tablet.Aata kay ?
Play Store/App Store : Angry Birds/Fruit Ninja ?

Its time to get rooting !
Why ?

Because its my device.I don't want my 1GHz proc to be underclocked to 800 Mhz,to "save battery".Hell,I can close down the weather widget,that'll give me enough juice.Neither do I want my carrier to monitor my locations/calls/messages.Well,but you can't do either,because you are NOT the admin of the phone.You are just a guest user.

So,basically,in order to get admin privileges or in other words,to gain "root-access",you'll need to root your phone.But it comes at a cost,your device's warranty becomes void.
(CAUTION : You may end up bricking up your phone if process is not followed properly,or well,if just not your day !)

Well if you've rooted your phone,you are opened to a whole new world of possibilities,like custom ROMs(oh yeah),3rd party apps which never made it to the store,or awesome stuff apps,for which which otherwise were paid,or those manufacturer/carrier apps which just sat there,consuming your ever precious battery,can finally be turned off !
And this ain't limited to just your software,no sir !There are few hardware tweaks as well,like controlling the processor clock speed,or setting the voltages,which again if not done properly might burn your device.)

But the most brilliant thing about rooting your device is the very fundamental of open-source technology,cross-platform.Touchpad,probably the most awesome tablet,both in terms of hardware as well as software.But probably HP didn't realise the device's potential and killed off the WebOS,another brilliant open-source technology.A tragedy indeed.
This led to a fire-sale,and the tablets were sold off within minutes at a $99 rate.Well it might seem stupid to spend money on a product,which even its manufacturer disowned.But all the smart-asses who did buy the devices were blessed with Android goodness,courtesy CM team.Still in its alpha stage,it looks very promising indeed.

P.S. + Disclaimer :
Rooting MAY BRICK your device,rendering it useless forever.Do it at your own risk !

Rooting your device will void your device's warranty.

Also,if you wish to root your device,please go through the instructions provided,carefully.Missing even 1 word from it might put your device into boot-loop or other error messages,or worse,brick your phone altogether,and you'll be rendered speechless for atleast 5-6 hours,cursing yourself for even having a thought about rooting your device.

Oh and yeah,if you root you device,this is what you'll be using,while running a gingerbread ROM !

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