Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cooked Apple

Almost a year back,Jobs stepped down as the CEO of Apple,and put Tim Cook incharge,owing to his ill health.Though the main man,all his moves were under constant scrutiny of Jobs,until a couple of months,when Jobs finally gave in to his bad health.
It was said at that time that Apple would not be Apple,in Jobs' absence.Heck,it was even said that Jobs had prepared a 4 year roadmap for Apple as well,as he didn't trust anyone,but himself to run his brainchild.(And I agree on the second part)

For starters,the leaks about iPhone 5,ear pods,and now iPad mini.
Now we all know what happened to Gray Powell,when the iPhone 4 was leaked.
But this time around,there was no reaction from Apple.The launch event was almost boring,we knew what was going to be displayed,we knew the specs,we knew about the "revolutionary" new headphones.There was barely anything worth watching.
(That said,I am not with Job's decision on firing an employee.)

There was a reason why all the iPhones and iPods,pre-Cook era were 3.5".Jobs believed that 3.5" was the "perfect" size for a phone(irrespective of one's palm size).He always criticized Androids on having different screen sizes,which led to fragmentation.He even made fun of 4" screens on Droids.
Come 2012,Cook's first year,without Jobs,we have iPhone 5,with its 4" screen.And to our surprise,it still is the "perfect" size for a phone(again no consideration of different palm sizes).
And with the rumoured iPad mini,make that 2 different resolutions for phones,and 2 for tablets.

Jobs always wanted perfection in his products.
With the iPhone 4S,came Siri.With all her awesomeness,came a tag,Beta.
And,with iOS 6,came Apple Maps,Apple's replacement for Google Maps,and boy was it a failure.Forget Beta,Maps seem to be in their Alpha phase of testing!
Jobs would have never approved half-baked products to be released in the market.But still,here we are,and Cook has a hit ratio of 100% !

Sticking the perfection thing,Jobs was meticulous about every little thing,be it the hardware and software.He'd reject anything and everything that didn't feel right.
The Apple TV's UI,released in the Cook era,was supposedly a design rejected by Jobs,almost 5 years back.But still,it was embraced by Cook.

Hugely criticized for Apple Maps,Cook recently made a public apology,and said they'll work on getting it right.He also suggested on using alternatives for time being.
It takes balls to accept your mistake,especially when you are at such a high position.Take nothing away for Cook.I guess this might be the first time,Apple has issued a public apology for a product.
It is only Jobs who can get away with an antennagate issue by saying,"You are holding the phone wrong!"

Filling into Jobs' shoes was a huge responsibility,let alone maintaining Apple's legacy.Cook might have changed Jobs' vision of Apple,but the growth of Apple,post Cook's takeover is surreal.To have a company's  revenue greater than few country's GDP,is mindboggling.
For all the rumours about Jobs preparing a roadmap for Apple,I highly doubt,considering the route taken by Apple.Even if there was one,I guess there might have been only one point made,sue everyone !

Friday, September 14, 2012

Patent Wars Episode I : The Apple menace

A quick search on the word patent,on wikipedia reveals the following :
A patent is a form of intellectual property. It consists of a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or their assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for the public disclosure of an invention.
It also mentions the following,typically, however, a patent application must include one or more claims defining the invention which must meet the relevant patentability requirements such as novelty and non-obviousness.(keywords here being invention and non-obviousness)

Armed with a zillion "patents",right from pressing a button to start the phone,to making square icons,Apple quickly sued every freaking competitor in sight for billions of dollars.
Apple's claim being Samsung "copying their unique design".Well these "unique designs" were actually first visible on LG Prada phone and even Samsung's F700(both of which were released before iPhone).Only difference being,unlike Apple,neither LG nor Sammy claim sole rights on these design,because they weren't inventions,they were sort of industry standards.Neither were any of the previous bar/clamshell designs ever patented,because again,they were industry standards.
Oh and btw,this design was based on Sony's Shin-Nishibori's concept of a whole touch device,as Sony would conceive them to be.Nishibori was asked to share his thought's on a Sony phone,by Apple's design brainchild,Jony Ive.He then used Nishibori's renderings to design what we know the iPhone as.(In one of the early renderings,he even replaced Sony by Jony.Now thats innovation!)

Apple claimed Sammy even copied Apple's patented icon styling,a square with rounded edges.Seriously?Thats an invention? I can remember having icons on every electronic device ever made,since the start of GUI.

Anyhow,Apple claimed Samsung,HTC,Motorola,among others have violated their zillion "patents" in one way or other,like using square icons,sliding to unlock device,etc.At the same time,they shamelessly copied stuff like drop down notifications,or a camera shortcut,right on the homescreen !
Frankly,I detest the patent offices even more,for granting Apple these patents in the first place.

Henry Ford was the biggest loser in that case.He should've patented the use of wheels,steering wheel,engine,etc to make a car.Because thats an invention too,right? Then he would've sued the asses of Mercedes and Ferrari.The world be such a happier place!

What Apple has done by winning the patent wars,is actually gradually killed off competition,and to an extent the whole concept of innovation.Instead of wasting so much time,effort and money on these stupid patent wars,there is so much that can be done in terms of innovation,like using the energy generated while walking down the road to charge the ever discharging smartphones.That is something worth getting a patent for.

Think about it,at this rate,the day ain't far when someone is granted a patent for dialing digits and pressing a button to make call.
Monopolizing the market with these stupid patents,is plain dumb.The love and respect I once had for an Apple device is somehow lost now.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fab-let !

Almost a year back when Sammy outed the Galaxy Note,it brought back the much doomed stylus(or S-Pen as they call it),which were somehow lost in the world of capacitive touchscreens.Interestingly though,the Note still had a capacitive screen.

Note was killer in terms of its specs,a dual-core processor,full HD video recording,a gig of RAM,blah,and lastly,a ginormous 5.3" display,with a measly 1280x800 resolution.
Now,large screen phones aren't a new thing in the Droid world,so Samsung had to get their act together with their ace in hole,the S-Pen.Though not as advanced,it provided the novelty factor of doodling around,creating notes,and a handy screenshot feature.Rightly dubbed the Phablet(a cross between,a phone and a tablet),the device crunched strong numbers for Samsung,globally.

Personally,it seemed too big a device for a phone and too small to be a tablet.But hey,numbers speak otherwise !The S-Pen was a killer feature,which differentiated the device from other phones available in the market,but a 5.3" screen seemed a little too small to completely utilize its true potential.

Cut,MWC 2012,Samsung showcased the Note 10.1.Finally,a full-fledged tablet with the S-Pen.
Okay,so a 10.1" screen was a start,but the hardware wasn't quite upto mark.(Considering it was just a preview device)
And so,after months and months of speculation,Samsung released a video,demonstrating the new Note 10.1.It seemed quite snappy than the preview device and boasted of new features.One which will be marketed by Samsung a lot will be the "Multiscreen" feature,wherein you can actually tile 2 windows and share things from one window to the other,via the S-Pen.Although,its restricted to 5-6 apps at the moment,it will be interesting to see where Samsung take this feature.The video made by Samsung looks really promising.Personally,I love the PS Touch app,coupled with the S-Pen.(Lets see what Apple comes up with this time around,to sue Sammy :P)

Specwise,Note 10.1 is right there at the top,with a quad core processor,2 gigs of RAM,the usual memory configurations,microSD,etc.Although an out of the box ICS seems a little outdated,in the JB world now.Lets hope Sammy fix that soon.

And with the Note 2(rumoured to be a 5.5" display and the best benchmarks scores as of now),already slated for release by the end of the month,it will be interesting to see how the two Note siblings hold up against each other.

Samsung's preview video for Note :

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thank you dev teams!

In this age of ever evolving technology,it makes absolutely no sense to buy a piece of defunct technology.Even the OEMs regard their latest one as obsolete within weeks of its launch and being work on the next one.Hell,the company manufacturers a new device/chip whilst you are buying the "latest" one.

And so,to a normal person,it makes you look like a fool when you tell them that you bought the 1st iteration of the series,when the world is expecting its 3rd.
But,little do people know about the Godly people know as 'Dev Teams',who pump new life into our so called "old" device.
While the world was on stock 2.3.4,I was running ROMs based of 2.3.7 for a couple of months.The difference was clearly visible,as without the bloatware,my device was much smoother than that of my friends,running the same hardware.

But the real deal was getting onto ICS,while the most of the world,with same hardware,was still running high and dry on GB ROMS,totally cut-off from support from OEMs.Heck,even most new released devices(read Xperia) were still running GB ROMs.
Although these ROMs are labelled as nightly builds,I can vouch for them being more stable and usable than most of the GB ROMs available out there(including the stock ones).And there is still a stable one in the pipeline.
Making a 2 year old hardware run the latest piece of software,is an achievement in itself,let alone making it more stable and usable than the stock softwares.And to my amazement,the battery life keeps on getting better!
And with their unrelenting support and love for the device,I'll be soon off to JB!

Thank you all the devs who make my "2 year old device" put the "latest devices" to shame.Keep up the good work.Oh yeah,and I love your work,and when we meet,I shall definitely buy you all beer :D

- Obsessive Compulsive Flasher(CM9 nightlies,almost every week .. CM10 in a couple of weeks)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

7 reasons to buy Nexus 7

1. Its Android.And its running Jelly Bean,out of the box !

2. 12 core GPU,Quad core CPU.Combing that with Project Butter,and you have 16 cores of raw power on your device.

3. No 5/8 mp camera at the back.Thats a plus,because its a freaking tablet! Who clicks photos using that? At the same time,theres a 1.3 mp cam in the front for video calling.

4. Connectivity options : WiFi(802.11b/g/n),bluetooth.They have even put in NFC !

5. HD display,1280 x 800,16:9 aspect ratio.Perfect for watching movies,no black bars :D.
Also,its Gorilla Glass.

6. Form factor,7 inches.Perfect for people who desire for a entertainment device,without the hassles of a 10 inch screen,yet still,the same guts inside a smaller chassis.

7. The price,$199 for 8 GB model,$249 for 16 GB one.Only comparable device at that price range,Kindle Fire,and it surely beats that one,hands down,both in terms of hardware and software.

Spilling the beans !

Apple outed its next iteration.
Windows previewed Phone 8.
Now,it was Google's turn.

Recent leaks pointed towards Jelly Bean bearing a version 4.1. Disappointment to many,as it suggested a minor upgrade over ICS.But Google considered this as just a number.

Starting with Project Butter,Google's moniker for butter smooth UX.Parallel processing,VSync enabling the multi-core processors to utilize every iota of raw power.A better touchscreen experience as well,using an algorithm to predict the next touch on the screen.Lag,the most dreaded enemy of any device,was nowhere to be seen in the preview !

The algorithms were extended to the keyboard as well,smartly predicting the words,depending upon the current word.Basically,Swift Key is now inbuilt(yaay!).
Bored to type? How about voice typing.This best thing,its freaking offline(yaay!).
Voice was extended in Google Search,with playback for search results,and not just displaying the results.
And more languages to be supported !

Another major upgrade was on the notifications front.Smarter notification,wherein a missed call notification will have a callback button,or a new photo having a comment button,right there in the notification itself.Brilliant!
Also,a 2 finger swipe,to enlarge a particular notification.
And swipe to delete notifications,beautiful and useful.

Camera app was revamped as well.With ICS,they reduced shutter lag.Now they brought in quick preview,swipe left-right for quick previews,and again the swipe up,to delete.And,an undo feature to recover the photos deleted by accident !

Another great feature,was smart updates of apps.App updates,will now update only the changes and not the whole app,with the end-user not knowing the difference,except for faster download of updates !
A newer Google Maps,with features such a 360 degree,first person view of a restaurant.

But,the BEST feature,Google Now.The personal assistant,learning itself,as you use it.Automatically updating itself,with time,location and activities,this looks like the perfect virtual assistant.And since this is Google,it already knows what you like and what you don't courtesy your Google searches.

With Android's openness,and Google's support for developers through newer programs like PDK,Google have yet again displayed their brilliance with Jelly Bean.

I am sorry I ever doubted your capabilities Android.I shall,and will be an Droid-ian.
Google,I am sold !

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Win-Those people back

Which is exactly what Microsoft is trying to do,and to an extent,they are succeeding. 

Having successfully previewed the full grown desktop version of Windows 8,the ARM based tablet version and then,the phone version of Windows 8,Microsoft have announced their roadmap for the next version of their OS.And boy,have they made their presence felt ! 
The first of the lot was the desktop version.Windows 8 was unlike the previous versions of Windows.It was an app-centered OS,much like what the Mac OS was turning into.It had borrowed the look from the mobile version of the OS,the Metro UI.The UI itself is light and beautiful,but navigating through it using a mouse,not the best of the UX. Though,windows didn't forget about its file-system,which is why they had a desktop mode as well.Switching between the 2 is easy,but consistency between the modes,is far from achieved.Eg IE in the Metro mode,and the IE in desktop mode are two different applications all together.You open IE in Metro,login to your mail,switch to desktop mode,and you expect IE to continue its work.But,IE is not even started in desktop mode.This is something that Microsoft needs to look upon.
Then came the much awaited tablet version of the Windows 8 iteration,Windows RT. Now,Microsoft were the original pioneers of tablet computing,when Bill Gates announced a Windows XP based tablet in 2002,way back before Apple did.To refresh our memories,at around 2002,Apple had just released the iPod,and iPhone and iPad were long way out of sight. But,I guess the world wasn't ready for device between the Laptops and Phones,and the Slate,never really caught on in the market. 
Tablet PC have come a long way since then.Starting off just as an entertainment device,tablets have now gone to configurations,of most laptops available in the market.With extension docks,they have come to a point of driving the laptops into oblivion,owing to its portability,at almost the same capabilities. 
Microsoft just didn't launch its software,it showed off its hardware as well for the new Windows RT version,the Surface.A HD display,with a 16:9 aspect ratio,expansion slots,USB 3.0,connectors,a built-in kick-stand ,barely as thick as a credit-card,and a host of other features.But the real deal was the magnetic cover-cum-keyboard.At just 3 mm of thickness,this thing houses a full keyboard and a trackpad as well.And when you are done with your typing,just roll it over,and,voila,it covers the screen.(Yeah,yeah .. Apple did it first,I know .. But even Jobs might be rolling in his grave seeing this).
And they didn't stop there,no sir!The Surface has an elder sibbling,dubbed,Surface Pro.While they may look similar,the Pro houses a Intel's core processor,as opposed to NVIDA's ARM based Tegra chip on the Surface.Basically,what this means is,its a laptop internal,trapped inside a tablet.And,it also runs the desktop version of Windows 8.AND,it boasts a Pen as an input medium,apart from the normal touch.The cool thing about the pen input,called the 'palm block',is the fact that when you switch it switch to the pen mode,it automatically blocks your hand as an input device.Again,brilliant execution by Microsoft !

With back-to-back successful version,it looks as if Windows has finally broken its jinx of having every alternate version,as a successful one.

Since,the Surface Pro is basically as good as a laptop,and the fact that it runs Windows(duh!),the growing trend of Bring Your Own Device,is surely going to welcome this device.

With the tablet version still basking in its glory,Microsoft preview the Windows Phone 8 version(Apollo),and,one-by-one ticked off all the flaws from Mango.Support for multi-core processors,higher  resolution(720p),Skype integration and much awaited support for SD card.Though,there are still many things,like a notification center,or previews on the lockscreen,which still have been overlooked.
Nokia's turn-by-turn navigation maps,are now inbuilt in the OS,with offline support.
The upgrades though,came at a cost.As none of the existing devices support support multicore processors,the new iteration won't work on any of the existing devices.But,Microsoft has promised a slightly lighter version for existing Mango users,with features like the new start screen.

But,the best thing Microsoft has done with the Apollo is code sharing.All the versions of the Windows,will share the same code-base and kernel.Basically,now what you can run on your desktops,will work on your tablet,which will also work on your phones.Since,the devices will have the same kernel at its heart and the same driver codes,apps can be moved from one platform to the other,with very little changes.
What Windows has now created with this move,is their own little ecosystem.Switching from laptop to tablet to phone,will become a child's play.Windows already dominates the desktop market,but it is the tablet and phone that they lag behind,and with this move,people would flock to the ecosystem,given the convenience.

Microsoft have created brilliant products before as well(Zune Player),but getting through is people is where they have failed.The majority of the work is done.If they manage to pull this off,Microsoft would a step closer,to world domination(muhahahahahaha !).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Apples,berries,mangoes and desserts

No,I am not talking about food,albeit,this is what every geek thrives on.
The 4 main categories of the smartphone eco-system : Apple,BlackBerry,Windows and Android.

Smartphone market,at one time,dominated by BlackBerry, were soon replaced by Apple and Android,with Windows Phone hot on their trail.The main reason being the change in the user base of the smartphone market.
Smartphones were earlier used by people who needed access to their mails/internet on the go.But now,every tom-dick and harry owns one.The basic purpose of the smartphone was soon killed and looks/form-factor/camera,et al have now become the criteria for smartphones.Checking in to places,tweeting about the traffic/movie is why you need internet on your devices,these days.

Apple(iOS) :
The most beautiful hardware,atop one of the slickest mobile OS.Navigating through it is a breeze.Responsiveness of the touch is next to none.And Apple only creates one version of each of its device in each iteration,maintaining its vital stats.
Screen with sharpness and pixel densities,that can easily put high-end screens to shame,and still,battery life is one of the best in the competition,brilliant.And an ever flooded App Market.
Probably what Apple manages to pull off the best,is their software and hardware integration.

But,the OS built on a UNIX core,lacks of the key features of its parent,openness.
For a normal,it might not seem much of a problem,but for a power user,it sometimes pisses off,the fact that there are so many things which they do not have control upon,because Apple Inc has decided that you shouldn't.
Also,a tablet with a 9.7" screen has so much to offer.Don't use the inflated version off the 3.5" screen.Please !

But,one the most douchiest things they do is patent wars.Seriously,just get over with it.Just because a rectangular phone has a full touch screen and one button,doesn't mean they copied it from you.And the last time I checked,the LG Prada had adopted that design before you.
Also,the pull down notification was a direct rip-off.But you didn't see infringements being filed.
Let your devices proves their worthiness,themselves.

Android :
The most open and free OS available in the market.Hence,the abundance of devices.Android doesn't discriminate,be it the chip architecture or OEMs,you'll find Droids everywhere!
The openness is what drives everyone towards the Android eco-system.The degree of customization is unparallel,be it the software or the hardware.

But this very fact,is one of the biggest drawbacks of all Androids.Android just has control over the software.OEMs are responsible for integrating them into their devices.This creates a considerable delay in the updates.Also,most older devices are not given support to by the manufacturers,even though they are more than capable of running the latest version.
Hopefully,this thing gets resolved,post Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

Its support for multi-core processor has made it possible for devices to have configurations,that could put full-fledged desktops to shame.Support for 1080p content,high screen resolutions,the works !
Also,a separate OS iteration for the tablets,makes it all the more possible to utilize the device's true capabilities(in terms of UI & UX).
The app market over here is also flooded,though still not as much as that of Apple.

And their alphabetical naming convention is another thing to look out for. :)

BlackBerry :
They were built for a purpose,and they served it.
BBs always held a special place for business people,who wanted mails on the go.Dedicated servers,provided both secure and efficient means of mailing.Till date,there is nothing that can be compared to a BB keypad,and that trackball,bliss.

But,with changing times,BB decided to drop its trademark qwerty to adopt the touchscreen,and it was a disaster.So was their decision to enter into the tablet world with the Playbook,with loses that couldn't even be looked at.Whats the point of having a tablet,if you just HAD to pair it with your phone,everytime ?
They did manage to improve the half-baked OS with v2.0 and BB 10 looks extremely promising.Hopefully,it will set RIM,in motion,again !

And please,don't ever drop your qwerty,for full touch devices.Its what defies you from the others.

Windows Phone :
From a replica of a desktop in the palm of your hand to a tile display,the Windows Phone has come a long way,since the dawn of WP7.Still in its nascent stage,but still can be described as the most beautiful UI.The tile layout,is probably the best UX on a touch-screen,which is further accentuated on a tablet display.
Learning quickly from its flaws and backed by hardware giants of yesteryear's,WP is catching up real quickly.
Like the OS,the app market is still in its nascent phase as well,something which needs to be looked upon.

No support on multi-core processors/support for expandable memory or more importantly,bluetooth file transfers,still remains one of its fallouts.

With a slew of tablets in pipeline,Windows 8 platform surely looks promising.

Already spoilt for choices,and likes of Mozilla jumping in with their own Boot2Gecko,Tizen being developed in collaboration,the future for Mobile OS looks all but promising.
The more,the merrier !

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Root,bloody root !

And so,you bought a smartphone/tablet.Aata kay ?
Play Store/App Store : Angry Birds/Fruit Ninja ?

Its time to get rooting !
Why ?

Because its my device.I don't want my 1GHz proc to be underclocked to 800 Mhz,to "save battery".Hell,I can close down the weather widget,that'll give me enough juice.Neither do I want my carrier to monitor my locations/calls/messages.Well,but you can't do either,because you are NOT the admin of the phone.You are just a guest user.

So,basically,in order to get admin privileges or in other words,to gain "root-access",you'll need to root your phone.But it comes at a cost,your device's warranty becomes void.
(CAUTION : You may end up bricking up your phone if process is not followed properly,or well,if just not your day !)

Well if you've rooted your phone,you are opened to a whole new world of possibilities,like custom ROMs(oh yeah),3rd party apps which never made it to the store,or awesome stuff apps,for which which otherwise were paid,or those manufacturer/carrier apps which just sat there,consuming your ever precious battery,can finally be turned off !
And this ain't limited to just your software,no sir !There are few hardware tweaks as well,like controlling the processor clock speed,or setting the voltages,which again if not done properly might burn your device.)

But the most brilliant thing about rooting your device is the very fundamental of open-source technology,cross-platform.Touchpad,probably the most awesome tablet,both in terms of hardware as well as software.But probably HP didn't realise the device's potential and killed off the WebOS,another brilliant open-source technology.A tragedy indeed.
This led to a fire-sale,and the tablets were sold off within minutes at a $99 rate.Well it might seem stupid to spend money on a product,which even its manufacturer disowned.But all the smart-asses who did buy the devices were blessed with Android goodness,courtesy CM team.Still in its alpha stage,it looks very promising indeed.

P.S. + Disclaimer :
Rooting MAY BRICK your device,rendering it useless forever.Do it at your own risk !

Rooting your device will void your device's warranty.

Also,if you wish to root your device,please go through the instructions provided,carefully.Missing even 1 word from it might put your device into boot-loop or other error messages,or worse,brick your phone altogether,and you'll be rendered speechless for atleast 5-6 hours,cursing yourself for even having a thought about rooting your device.

Oh and yeah,if you root you device,this is what you'll be using,while running a gingerbread ROM !

Friday, February 17, 2012

End of Desktops ?

A long time ago,in a galaxy far far away .. 
It was a period of files and folders.The OS developed were file oriented.Data were neatly organized in folders or just lying around in a hierarchy of folders.Either way,the file manager was used to manage them. 

Now .. 
It is a period of applications.There is an application developed for everything,right from managing your meetings,to driving your hot wheels.The app-centric OS were restricted to mobile devices,but slowly,the same is being adopted for desktop OSes as well. 

A few months back Windows previewed its next iteration of OS,Windows 8.The look and feel was more like the Windows Phone 7 OS,the Metro UI.Sure,its awesome,but that thing on a desktop ? Navigating through screen meant for swipes through a mouse click,err ! 

Apple announced its transition of Mac OS towards iOS,with Mac OS X Lion,with the App Store and the works.And yesterday,with the developer preview release of Mountain Lion OS X,we see how close they are to replacing the Mac with iOS.Infact,they even dropped the Mac from its name.Notification Center,iMessage,Notes,all the latest additions of the iOS 5 have made its way onto the Mac. 

With the increasing use of mobile devices,the cloud storage is gaining a lot of popularity.A central storage makes more sense than individual physical storage,as people are mostly on the go.Also one of its advantages is the synchronization of data across the devices.Redundancy also decreases drastically.All your device needs is the minimal storage to install the OS,an voila,you are done.The rest of your data is sitting somewhere on the cloud,which you can access right away.Streaming will be the way to access the data.(Samsung even dropped their 32 gig Galaxy Nexus with this assumption).And this will lead to an app-centric OS. 
Eyeing the trend,the day ain't too far away when SSDs will completely replace Hard Drives,owing to its size. 

So,where do the desktops fit in this picture? 
No where.The key to the future will be mobility and with desktops,you have nada. 

Atleast on personal computing segment,mobile devices are bound to replace desktops.If that is the scenario,will that mean the end of computer gaming industry as well ?