Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spilling the beans !

Apple outed its next iteration.
Windows previewed Phone 8.
Now,it was Google's turn.

Recent leaks pointed towards Jelly Bean bearing a version 4.1. Disappointment to many,as it suggested a minor upgrade over ICS.But Google considered this as just a number.

Starting with Project Butter,Google's moniker for butter smooth UX.Parallel processing,VSync enabling the multi-core processors to utilize every iota of raw power.A better touchscreen experience as well,using an algorithm to predict the next touch on the screen.Lag,the most dreaded enemy of any device,was nowhere to be seen in the preview !

The algorithms were extended to the keyboard as well,smartly predicting the words,depending upon the current word.Basically,Swift Key is now inbuilt(yaay!).
Bored to type? How about voice typing.This best thing,its freaking offline(yaay!).
Voice was extended in Google Search,with playback for search results,and not just displaying the results.
And more languages to be supported !

Another major upgrade was on the notifications front.Smarter notification,wherein a missed call notification will have a callback button,or a new photo having a comment button,right there in the notification itself.Brilliant!
Also,a 2 finger swipe,to enlarge a particular notification.
And swipe to delete notifications,beautiful and useful.

Camera app was revamped as well.With ICS,they reduced shutter lag.Now they brought in quick preview,swipe left-right for quick previews,and again the swipe up,to delete.And,an undo feature to recover the photos deleted by accident !

Another great feature,was smart updates of apps.App updates,will now update only the changes and not the whole app,with the end-user not knowing the difference,except for faster download of updates !
A newer Google Maps,with features such a 360 degree,first person view of a restaurant.

But,the BEST feature,Google Now.The personal assistant,learning itself,as you use it.Automatically updating itself,with time,location and activities,this looks like the perfect virtual assistant.And since this is Google,it already knows what you like and what you don't courtesy your Google searches.

With Android's openness,and Google's support for developers through newer programs like PDK,Google have yet again displayed their brilliance with Jelly Bean.

I am sorry I ever doubted your capabilities Android.I shall,and will be an Droid-ian.
Google,I am sold !

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