Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fab-let !

Almost a year back when Sammy outed the Galaxy Note,it brought back the much doomed stylus(or S-Pen as they call it),which were somehow lost in the world of capacitive touchscreens.Interestingly though,the Note still had a capacitive screen.

Note was killer in terms of its specs,a dual-core processor,full HD video recording,a gig of RAM,blah,and lastly,a ginormous 5.3" display,with a measly 1280x800 resolution.
Now,large screen phones aren't a new thing in the Droid world,so Samsung had to get their act together with their ace in hole,the S-Pen.Though not as advanced,it provided the novelty factor of doodling around,creating notes,and a handy screenshot feature.Rightly dubbed the Phablet(a cross between,a phone and a tablet),the device crunched strong numbers for Samsung,globally.

Personally,it seemed too big a device for a phone and too small to be a tablet.But hey,numbers speak otherwise !The S-Pen was a killer feature,which differentiated the device from other phones available in the market,but a 5.3" screen seemed a little too small to completely utilize its true potential.

Cut,MWC 2012,Samsung showcased the Note 10.1.Finally,a full-fledged tablet with the S-Pen.
Okay,so a 10.1" screen was a start,but the hardware wasn't quite upto mark.(Considering it was just a preview device)
And so,after months and months of speculation,Samsung released a video,demonstrating the new Note 10.1.It seemed quite snappy than the preview device and boasted of new features.One which will be marketed by Samsung a lot will be the "Multiscreen" feature,wherein you can actually tile 2 windows and share things from one window to the other,via the S-Pen.Although,its restricted to 5-6 apps at the moment,it will be interesting to see where Samsung take this feature.The video made by Samsung looks really promising.Personally,I love the PS Touch app,coupled with the S-Pen.(Lets see what Apple comes up with this time around,to sue Sammy :P)

Specwise,Note 10.1 is right there at the top,with a quad core processor,2 gigs of RAM,the usual memory configurations,microSD,etc.Although an out of the box ICS seems a little outdated,in the JB world now.Lets hope Sammy fix that soon.

And with the Note 2(rumoured to be a 5.5" display and the best benchmarks scores as of now),already slated for release by the end of the month,it will be interesting to see how the two Note siblings hold up against each other.

Samsung's preview video for Note :

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