Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thank you dev teams!

In this age of ever evolving technology,it makes absolutely no sense to buy a piece of defunct technology.Even the OEMs regard their latest one as obsolete within weeks of its launch and being work on the next one.Hell,the company manufacturers a new device/chip whilst you are buying the "latest" one.

And so,to a normal person,it makes you look like a fool when you tell them that you bought the 1st iteration of the series,when the world is expecting its 3rd.
But,little do people know about the Godly people know as 'Dev Teams',who pump new life into our so called "old" device.
While the world was on stock 2.3.4,I was running ROMs based of 2.3.7 for a couple of months.The difference was clearly visible,as without the bloatware,my device was much smoother than that of my friends,running the same hardware.

But the real deal was getting onto ICS,while the most of the world,with same hardware,was still running high and dry on GB ROMS,totally cut-off from support from OEMs.Heck,even most new released devices(read Xperia) were still running GB ROMs.
Although these ROMs are labelled as nightly builds,I can vouch for them being more stable and usable than most of the GB ROMs available out there(including the stock ones).And there is still a stable one in the pipeline.
Making a 2 year old hardware run the latest piece of software,is an achievement in itself,let alone making it more stable and usable than the stock softwares.And to my amazement,the battery life keeps on getting better!
And with their unrelenting support and love for the device,I'll be soon off to JB!

Thank you all the devs who make my "2 year old device" put the "latest devices" to shame.Keep up the good work.Oh yeah,and I love your work,and when we meet,I shall definitely buy you all beer :D

- Obsessive Compulsive Flasher(CM9 nightlies,almost every week .. CM10 in a couple of weeks)

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