Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cooked Apple

Almost a year back,Jobs stepped down as the CEO of Apple,and put Tim Cook incharge,owing to his ill health.Though the main man,all his moves were under constant scrutiny of Jobs,until a couple of months,when Jobs finally gave in to his bad health.
It was said at that time that Apple would not be Apple,in Jobs' absence.Heck,it was even said that Jobs had prepared a 4 year roadmap for Apple as well,as he didn't trust anyone,but himself to run his brainchild.(And I agree on the second part)

For starters,the leaks about iPhone 5,ear pods,and now iPad mini.
Now we all know what happened to Gray Powell,when the iPhone 4 was leaked.
But this time around,there was no reaction from Apple.The launch event was almost boring,we knew what was going to be displayed,we knew the specs,we knew about the "revolutionary" new headphones.There was barely anything worth watching.
(That said,I am not with Job's decision on firing an employee.)

There was a reason why all the iPhones and iPods,pre-Cook era were 3.5".Jobs believed that 3.5" was the "perfect" size for a phone(irrespective of one's palm size).He always criticized Androids on having different screen sizes,which led to fragmentation.He even made fun of 4" screens on Droids.
Come 2012,Cook's first year,without Jobs,we have iPhone 5,with its 4" screen.And to our surprise,it still is the "perfect" size for a phone(again no consideration of different palm sizes).
And with the rumoured iPad mini,make that 2 different resolutions for phones,and 2 for tablets.

Jobs always wanted perfection in his products.
With the iPhone 4S,came Siri.With all her awesomeness,came a tag,Beta.
And,with iOS 6,came Apple Maps,Apple's replacement for Google Maps,and boy was it a failure.Forget Beta,Maps seem to be in their Alpha phase of testing!
Jobs would have never approved half-baked products to be released in the market.But still,here we are,and Cook has a hit ratio of 100% !

Sticking the perfection thing,Jobs was meticulous about every little thing,be it the hardware and software.He'd reject anything and everything that didn't feel right.
The Apple TV's UI,released in the Cook era,was supposedly a design rejected by Jobs,almost 5 years back.But still,it was embraced by Cook.

Hugely criticized for Apple Maps,Cook recently made a public apology,and said they'll work on getting it right.He also suggested on using alternatives for time being.
It takes balls to accept your mistake,especially when you are at such a high position.Take nothing away for Cook.I guess this might be the first time,Apple has issued a public apology for a product.
It is only Jobs who can get away with an antennagate issue by saying,"You are holding the phone wrong!"

Filling into Jobs' shoes was a huge responsibility,let alone maintaining Apple's legacy.Cook might have changed Jobs' vision of Apple,but the growth of Apple,post Cook's takeover is surreal.To have a company's  revenue greater than few country's GDP,is mindboggling.
For all the rumours about Jobs preparing a roadmap for Apple,I highly doubt,considering the route taken by Apple.Even if there was one,I guess there might have been only one point made,sue everyone !

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